Job and carrer
Certificates and distinctions

We believe that the strength of our company is the people working in it and the company’s success
it involves commitment, initiative and readiness to act.


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Currently, the Emitel team consists of several hundred qualified employees with in-depth knowledge in the areas of radio broadcasting, teletransmission, GSM, ICT, network design, maintenance and supervision, management of investment projects, finances, sales, purchases.

We focus on development-oriented people and support them in their efforts to improve their talents and skills. We create a work atmosphere that favors the development of initiative and openness to new challenges.

We appreciate and respect the talent and commitment of our employees. We make every effort, to take full advantage of the potential they have. We are proud of the fact that Emitel has stayed many times awarded in national competitions, gaining, among others titles of a Reliable Employer, Employers Friendly Employees, Employees Friendly Employees 50+, certificates “Professional HRM” and distinctions for “Systematic improvement of HRM quality” and “for a comprehensive program of human capital development”. This stimulates us to set and achieve further goals and continuous
improving the action.

In 2017, Emitel received the distinction “for a comprehensive human capital development program” and “ZZL Professional” certificate. The company also received a diploma for effective human resource management.

In 2016, Emitel was among the laureates of the competition organized by the Institute of Labor and Politics Social Affairs, under the patronage of the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy, receiving the Honorable Mention “For the systematic improvement of the quality of ZZL” and the “Professional ZZL” Certificate.

In 2015, Emitel participated in the competition “ZZL leader” organized by the Institute of Labor and Politics Socjalna, under the patronage of the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy and in the course of the competition procedure received the Certificate “Professional HRM”.

In previous years, Emitel was awarded the title of Solid Employer of the Year by receiving the title: “A SOLID EMPLOYER 2010” and “SOLID EMPLOYER 2009” in the national category.

At Emitel, we understand that diversity is the fundamental value of modern society. The policy of equal treatment and diversity management brings tangible benefits and impacts
for the development and innovation of the organization.

In a dynamically changing environment, we need people in the Emitel team today worldviews, education, lifestyle. It is thanks to diversity that we can develop as an organization. It allows us to overcome obstacles more effectively and constantly improve our business.

We adopted the document “Declaration of Diversity”, which formally testifies to willingness and readiness to take action to create and promote diversity in the workplace. Emitel is also a Signatory of the Diversity Charter as an international initiative supported by the European Commission, implemented in such European Union countries as: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary and Italy.