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The advantages of working at Emitel

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A well-established position on the market, attractive employment conditions, professional development opportunities and a friendly atmosphere at work are the factors that make Emitel a company that is widely recognized by Employees.

Since 2007 we have regularly checked employee satisfaction levels. This is why they value us:

The potential and reliability of the company

Strong leadership on the TV and radio broadcasting market

The size, presence throughout Poland, undertaking new services and gaining customers

Many years of experience on the market

Innovative technologies, atmosphere — very important in stressful work

Access to high-end equipment, tools and software

Modernness, innovation, good organization and culture of work, strong market position

Development strategy, innovation, high quality of implemented services, staff potential at all levels, well-established market position, usage of modern technologies and tools, additional benefits package for employees

Team of people with unique skills, unique group of customers, unique infrastructure and services

Good atmosphere and emotional bond between the people and the company

Employees, their commitment and responsibility

Professional development opportunities

Ability to implement one’s own ideas, well-developed communication, using modern technologies