Electromagnetic fields

All information about electromagnetic fields that can be found in our public space can be described using three words: facts and myths. Unfortunately, the number of myths is much larger, mostly because most forms of radiation cannot be seen. However, there is a type of radiation that not only can be seen but also are liked: solar radiation. The sun proves that radiation has always been with us. Every person is surrounded by an electromagnetic field that some people can see in the form of an aura. In addition to natural electromagnetic fields, we are exposed to artificial fields on a daily basis.

In 1996, the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a study on electromagnetic field (PEM) which indicates that people staying in the vicinity of equipment that emits PEM with the frequency of 0 to 300 GHz does not experience any negative health consequences. At most, they can feel warmer. Most countries in the world have their own laws related to permitted level of electromagnetic fields. In Poland, radiation may not exceed 7 V/m (volts per meter) in the vicinity of areas inhabited by people. This restriction is extremely severe. For example, the limits adopted by our western and southern neighbors are four times higher than those in force in Poland (28 V/m), while in the United States the limit is equal to 14 V/m.

As an operator of broadcasting infrastructure and builder of telecommunication facilities, Emitel strictly adheres to the regulations pertaining to radiation. We check electromagnetic fields on each stage of design, construction, installation, and operation of transmitters. Moreover, Emitel guarantees full transparency and access to the results of measurements of electromagnetic fields performed in the vicinity of our facilities.

In 2018, we performed 245 measurements of electromagnetic field for the purpose of environmental protection in the surroundings of Emitel broadcasting stations. The average maximum intensity of electromagnetic field around key facilities of Emitel was equal to 3.15 V/m, which is less than a half of the maximum permissible value of 7 V/m!

Stronger electromagnetic field is generated by objects used on a daily basis, for example:

– home Wi-Fi routers generate electromagnetic field in the range of 1 to 5 V/m;

– the level of electromagnetic field generated by microwave ovens is even higher: 5 to 10 V/m at the distance of 15 cm from the housing;

– 15 cm from a television screen the PEM has the value of 20 to 40 V/m (this is why scientists recommend sitting at a greater distance from TV sets).