Zero waste, literally translated as “no rubbish” or “no waste”, is a lifestyle gaining in popularity in Europe, according to which individuals try to generate as little waste as possible, and thus not to pollute the environment.

A “junk-free” life comes down in practice to the consistent application of several principles, the so-called five Rs (5R):

  1. Refuse – don’t accept unnecessary pollution, refuse advertising leaflets, disposable packaging, as well as any products produced to the detriment of the environment, generating waste and pollution.
  2. Reduce – reduce the number of objects, lead as minimalist life as possible, surround yourself only with what you actually use and what is necessary for your life.
  3. Reuse – do not use one-off solutions. Use reusable packaging.
  4. Recycle – make sure unnecessary things are converted into something useful. Segregate waste (paper can be recycled 6 times) and carry it to the appropriate collection points.
  5. Rot – compost organic waste to produce energy or natural fertilizer.

Do you know that:

  • Each of us throws away about 56 fully recyclable glass containers per year.
  • Methane released from landfill is 27 times more aggressive than carbon dioxide.
  • More than 9 million tons of food is wasted in Poland every year.
  • Styrofoam tray decomposition takes 500 years.

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How to implement the Zero Waste principle in everyday life:

During shopping  
    • do not take plastic bags, use your own fabric bag;
    • do not use thin plastic bags or foils;
    • reach for products without packaging;
    • plan your purchases;
    • do not take payment confirmation.
    In the kitchen  
    • use all the food;
    • use seasonal products;
    • turn waste into something useful.
In your spare time  
  • don’t print your ticket to the cinema – you can show it on your phone screen;
  • don’t use disposable dishes and cutlery at the barbecue;
  • don’t pack your garbage in a plastic bag, the segregation container may be close by.
During travel  
  • don’t print your electronic ticket – you can show it on your phone screen;
  • take bottle or thermos for tee or coffee to avoid buying paper cups.