News The City of Wrocław and Emitel develop smart city solutions

Representatives of Wrocław and Emitel S.A. authorities signed a letter of intent aimed at jointly conducting tests related to the implementation of smart cities solutions. Technologies and services of the internet of things are to improve the living conditions of the residents and facilitate the management of the city.

Wrocław is already cooperating with Emitel in pilot projects concerning the control of occupancy of parking spaces for tourist coaches in the city center and monitoring of urban heat islands. Emitel provides solutions based on the LoRaWAN network, which allows communication with the sensors. Successful implementation of projects prompted partners to expand cooperation with new areas.

“Due to the fact that Emitel is one of the leading Polish companies in the field of services based on modern wireless communication systems, we started talks about cooperation and using this potential to create new solutions in the area of the city of Wroclaw” – said the vice-president of Wroclaw Maciej Bluj during signing of the letter of intent.

As part of the cooperation, the role of Emitel will be to expand wireless communication systems that will allow city authorities to use the internet of things solutions in many areas of urban life. Thanks to this, local governments will be able to implement solutions that facilitate the everyday life of residents and make better use of available resources and reduce maintenance costs.

“We are pleased that Wrocław aspires to the role of a leader in the implementation of smart city solutions and that it has decided to use Emitel’s experience. Our company meets the local governments supporting them in the construction of modern, friendly and convenient solutions for residents “- said Maciej Staszak, vice president of the board at Emitel during the ceremony.