Data transmission

We establish links according to your needs

Data transmission is a service that enables a connection with guaranteed bandwidth between two indicated locations, regardless of the distance between them.

We offer two service options:

  • Ethernet channels – Ethernet-based line compliant with the IEE 802.3 standard, terminated at a Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet interface.
  • PDH/SDH leased lines – based on PDH/SDH technology, terminated at E1, E3, STM-1 interfaces.

Basic features of the service:

  • Nationwide access — thanks to the use of a backbone network as well as cable and radio access lines, the Customer has the possibility to access the Service in locations such as big cities as well as in areas where access to the cable infrastructure is limited.
  • Variety of access methods — the service is based on wireless technology — radio lines operating in a licensed band or by wire using optical fiber.
  • Individual bandwidth selection — we ensure guaranteed bandwidth and the ability to quickly increase it.
  • SLA guarantee — parameters such as maximum time of repair and service availability are guaranteed.
  • Comprehensiveness — the network is fully monitored and managed by Emitel.

Main benefits for the Customer:

  • Measurable reduction of operating costs by adjusting the price proposal to specific Customer needs.
  • High availability parameters supported by Polish nationwide service and Network Operation Center available around-the-clock.
  • The method of implementing the connection is determined in accordance with the Customer’s requirements and technical capabilities.
  • Dedicated connection for a single Customer, the traffic takes place through a separated channel.
  • Ability to send any kind of information in digital form — data, voice, image, internet transmission.