Radio and television reception Receiving DAB+ digital radio

DAB+ terrestrial digital broadcasting is broadcast in Poland, as in all of Europe, in the VHF band (174 – 230MHz). This is called TV series III, channels 5 – 21. The L band (1452 – 1492 MHz), initially planned for broadcast terrestrial broadcasting, according to the latest decisions, will not be used in Poland.

The construction of the digital radio network in Poland began in October 2013. Initially, the network will cover large cities and their surroundings, then the signal will gradually be covered by the whole country. The construction of the network will end in 2020. The current list of broadcasting facilities emitting a digital radio signal, along with their parameters, can be found on the Emitel website at: Admittedly, it is planned to use portable receivers all over the country (99.5% coverage), however, during the construction of the network, the ability to use the antennas built into the receiver will depend on the location of the collection point. In places more distant from the transmitters, it may be necessary to use roof antennas or, for the time being, reception will not be possible.

Parameters of receivers

Virtually all DAB+ receivers easily receive digital radio programs broadcast in Poland, however, attention should be paid to the correct handling of letters specific to the Polish language in the names of stations and screen subtitles. Receivers prepared for the needs of other markets, imported into our country, usually do not properly handle Polish characters.

The reception of digital terrestrial radio in Poland is possible using receivers
supporting the DAB+ standard. Receivers that support only the older version of the DAB standard (without a plus) do not allow to receive digital radio in Poland.

In order to indicate what parameters the receivers should have in order to properly receive all services broadcast on terrestrial digital radio in Poland, the National Broadcasting Council published the “National Broadcasting Council state, of 8 July 2014, regarding DAB+ digital radio receivers” recommendations for manufacturers and importers of receivers, and at the same time a guide for people planning to purchase a DAB+ receiver.
The aforementioned document can be found at:

Types of receivers

The availability of DAB+ receivers has constantly been growing. Stationary and portable devices are available. More and more cars are offered with the option of receiving DAB+. In addition, each DAB/DAB+ receiver must be able to receive FM analogue radio. This rule does not apply only to devices (adapters) extending the functions of FM receivers with DAB/DAB+ reception.

In addition to complete receivers, there are also devices offered by independent manufacturers that enable adding the DAB+ reception function to home and car audio systems. Such device, depending on the design, is connected to your equipment with analogue (L + R) or digital (S-PDIF) connectors. In the case of car devices it is also possible to use a micro FM transmitter to receive DAB+ stations on the receiver installed in the car, without the need to replace or expand it.