Supervisory Board Steven Marshall

Steven Marshall

Member of the Supervisory Board

Prior to joining the Investment Manager, Mr Marshall was President of American Tower Corporation (NYSE: AMT) US Tower Division; served as CEO of National Grid Wireless (where he led their wireless tower infrastructure business in the US and UK); Executive Chairman of Intelig, Brazil (c. US$1.5 billion national long distance fibre owner and operator); director of Digital UK, advising the UK government on digital switchover; Chairman of WIA – Wireless Infrastructure Association, USA (2017-2018) and a director for 8 years; and a board member of CTIA, the US Carriers Association (2017-2018).

Mr Marshall holds a BSc (Hons) in Building and Civil Engineering from the University of Manchester, as well as an MBA from Alliance Manchester Business School. Whilst Mr Marshall was serving as President, AMT pioneered the network neutral telecommunications infrastructure model in the United States, Germany, France and 12 other countries in both communication towers and combinations of towers and fibre. With rich experience in commercial negotiation, regulation and supporting and enabling network engineers in building the highest-quality infrastructure in highly competitive markets, Mr Marshall had a material influence on making AMT the company it is today, the largest network neutral telecommunications infrastructure company in the world with a market capitalisation of c.US$100 billion. Prior to AMT, he built National Grid Wireless into the largest network neutral tower infrastructure provider in Europe, including the integration of Crown Castle’s UK mobile tower assets. Subsequently sold to private equity interests, it became the core of Arqiva (which recently sold assets to Cellnex in a multi-billion pound transaction). He also developed and ran a c.US$1.5 billion fibre network in Brazil owned jointly by National Grid, France Telecom and Sprint. Most notable amongst his many acquisition and divestiture activities, was his overseeing and integration of two c.US$5 billion acquisitions whilst at AMT. Alongside his work at the Investment Manager as Executive Chairman of Digital Infrastructure, Mr Marshall is Non-Executive Chairman of Next Gen Access UK (a long-distance fibre developer) as well as a board member of Tawal, Saudi Telecoms’ newly formed tower subsidiary with 14,000 towers, and Non-Executive Chairman of Paradigm Infrastructure, an African Tower Developer.