Sources of radio and television signal

Digital standards have proven to be a revolution in radio and television broadcasting. In Poland, Emitel is responsible for implementing the necessary infrastructure for their transmission.

We are the market leader in broadcasting services in Poland. We provide services for digital television program broadcasting utilizing the country’s largest network of broadcasting stations. This allows viewers to enjoy better picture and sound quality.

Distribution of multimedia content via the Internet and other IP networks

With the advancement of technology and the popularity of the Internet, consumer needs have significantly changed.

New formats of media delivery, such as live streams, on-demand programs, and hybrid television, have become increasingly popular. We have an extensive distribution infrastructure that enables reaching audiences with such content.

The future of media and its possibilities

Internet television

IPTV and OTT are technologies that allow watching television without relying on terrestrial or satellite signals. Reception is done via the internet protocol.

Hybrid television

HbbTV, or Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV, is another term for hybrid television. It’s a solution that allows data from an interactive application to be introduced into a television channel, for example, displaying additional content on the screen or providing multimedia services, virtual channels, streaming, or video-on-demand (VoD) television.

Content Delivery Network

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of servers that facilitates users’ access to multimedia content delivered over the Internet, even during high network traffic.

Live broadcasts and VOD

Streaming of live or on-demand audio and video programs.

Terrestrial digital television

DVB-T2 is a digital television technology that allows broadcasting more programs with much better picture and sound quality than its analog predecessor.

Radio in the T-DAB+ standard

Radio in the T-DAB+ standard. The T-DAB+ standard allows for broadcasting of the highest quality sound as well as additional services such as transmitting subtitles, images, or additional information.

Emitel’s offer

Television and radio

Radio and digital terrestrial television signal. We have built the largest broadcast network in Poland Digital terrestrial TV and radio broadcasting.



Television and radio are the favourite sources of information and entertainment for millions of Poles. Television and radio broadcasters want to offer viewers a wide range of channels characterised by high-quality picture and sound.



Emitel has been designing and building radio and television signal transmission and broadcasting systems for years. Owing to the nationwide digital TV network, the signal now reaches up to 98% of households.


We offer FM and digital radio broadcasting services in the DAB+ standard.

In addition to improved sound quality, digital radio offers a range of additional services such as text descriptions, graphics and programme guides.

Emitel’s offer

We are a leader in the industry of broadcasting services in Poland. We provide digital broadcast services of TV and radio programmes, utilising the largest network of broadcasting stations in Poland.


IPTV – Internet Protocol Television

Interactive digital television, which is safer and more stable than internet broadcasts.



The growth of the Internet is changing audience preferences and attitudes towards multimedia consumption. Users expect freedom in their choice of content, want to watch their favourite programmes at a convenient time and enjoy the opportunity to interact.



IPTV solutions allow television signal transmission over IP-based broadband networks, providing viewers with a much richer range of programmes and allowing them to decide when and how they watch their favourite content. Users no longer need a computer to use IPTV – all they need is a TV set or a set-top box.


Stability and security

IPTV only uses a dedicated part of the network, which makes the solution more secure. It is also more stable than streaming.

Emitel offer

We use state-of-the-art headends to prepare TV programme streams in the various profiles required by operators. We also use our own CDN network that efficiently distributes the content to viewers across Poland. We have links to most of the country’s television broadcasters and aerials to receive satellite signals, which enables us to create customised programme packages.


CDN – Content Delivery Network

Additional servers facilitate stable transmission under heavy network load.



When many viewers simultaneously watch certain content on the Internet, the network may be incapable of transmitting a large amount of data. As a result, the quality of the image then deteriorates, and there are interruptions or even a complete loss of transmission, which hurts viewer satisfaction.



In such situations, a solution based on CDN (Content Delivery Network), a network of distributed servers that stores a cached version of the transmitted content, comes to the rescue


Interference-free transmission

The CDN relieves the load on the links and balances the load on the individual servers, allowing multimedia content to be transmitted more efficiently to viewers and enabling viewers to enjoy a stable reception of programmes.

Emitel offer

We offer our network of servers with links to various telecommunications operators. Our solutions enable the efficient distribution of multimedia content to viewers across the country.


The effective distribution of TV signal on the internet requires the allocation of many servers in various points of the network.

We have created infrastructure that, in this exact manner, allows us to avoid large bandwidth consumption on specific servers and broadcast links. The CDN servers are powered by signals from the “Origin” servers and they transfer the signal to the end users, i.e., the viewers.

DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion)

Personalised advertising on traditional television. With DAI technology, it is possible to tailor adverts to the viewer profile, which increases the appeal of the TV broadcasters’ offer by displaying adverts better tailored to the target group’s expectations. The result is more frequent viewing of commercials without impatience on the part of viewers



Unlike the Internet, TV broadcasters have so far been unable to personalise advertising content. As a result, viewers frequently received ads for products of no interest to them. Despite significant financial expenditure on advertising campaigns, advertisers could not fully interest consumers in their offerings.



The DAI platform enables commercial breaks tailored to a specific viewer to be shown on TV screens. This opens the door to a more effective use of advertising airtime.


Improved results of advertising campaigns

With DAI technology, it is possible to tailor adverts to the viewer profile, which increases the appeal of the TV broadcasters’ offer by displaying adverts better tailored to the target group’s expectations. The result is more frequent viewing of commercials without impatience on the part of viewers

Emitel offer

As Emitel, we offer an advanced system that allows for the substitution of advertisements in commercial pods based on user profile. Utilising the HbbTV application allows for broadcasting different ads to individual groups of viewers. We also offer the DAI Broadcast system, which enables the transmission of various advertisements in different regions of Poland, while simultaneously does not require the possession of additional devices receiving the HbbTV services.


DAI – Dynamic Ad Insertion

We have built a comprehensive technological platform, which allows for the dynamic substitution of television advertisements – DAI. The system is compatible with digital terrestrial TV, cable networks, and streaming platforms. It comprises the following elements:

  • Commercial pod signalling – In TV settings, we incorporate appropriate markers that signalise the beginning and end of the commercial pod or individual advertisements.
  • AdSerwer – Basing on the user profile, the advertisement management server provides information regarding which advertisements are to be displayed on a given TV receiver.
  • Application – An appropriate application – in terrestrial TV’s case, it’s HbbTV, and in IPTV/OTT networks, it’s special STB software – detects the beginning and end of the commercial pod. Next, it retrieves information from the AdServer and displays the appropriate advertisements.

HbbTV – Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV

Combining traditional television with multimedia services.



Viewers using a TV set increasingly expect differentiated content and services. Hybrid TV combines traditional TV broadcasting with multimedia services that viewers can access using a remote control.



Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) helps to introduce an interactive application into a TV channel, which enables displaying additional information or advertising on the screen. When broadcasting a match on TV, you can simultaneously inform viewers about the results of the other matches in a given league round. Moreover, HbbTV enables the launching of additional services, video-on-demand content and personalized advertising.


Find out how HbbTV works.

Especially for terrestrial TV viewers, Emitel has launched a portal with weather forecasts, programme guides and the latest news. One can access EmiTV by selecting channel 99 on the remote control. Fans of the Legia Warszawa club will find a portal with specially prepared video material on channel 89.

Emitel offer

Emitel develops HbbTV applications and enables their distribution in digital terrestrial TV multiplexes.
Emitel tworzy aplikacje HbbTV oraz umożliwia ich dystrybucję w multipleksach naziemnej telewizji cyfrowej.


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