We are responding to the needs of a changing world by building modern wireless communication systems.

In many places in Poland, users encounter problems with mobile signal availability. The cause may be poor coverage or building construction that attenuates the signal of mobile operators. Emitel helps to solve such problems by using advanced technologies.

We build distributed antenna systems (DAS) that send and receive cellular signals on bands with allocated frequency reservations. This solution improves the quality of voice and data communications in areas with high network loads (e.g. shopping malls, office buildings or stadiums).

We install GSM and LTE signal repeaters to improve network performance in areas with poor coverage. Amplifiers, also known as repeaters, are active radio devices that mediate signal transmission between the mobile base station and the end device (e.g. a smartphone).

DAS and signal gain capabilities

Convenient implementation in new buildings

Distributed antenna systems and signal amplifiers can be easily integrated into the blueprints of new buildings.

Mobile signal amplification

Amplified signal of all mobile communications operators is emitted within the building using a dedicated installation.

Reliable and consistent wireless connectivity

Improvements in radio coverage and mobile network capacity are taking place with infrastructure neatly integrated into the landscape.

High quality of phone calls

DAS ensures high quality phone calls without any interference.

High data transmission parameters

Wide bandwidth makes the transfer of downloaded and uploaded data packages quick, with only minimal delay.

Signal coverage in areas where transmission is difficult

These solutions will be well-suited for densely built-up areas, in underground car parks, or in places far away from big cities.

Managing heavy network traffic in a small space

Providing stable connectivity during sporting events, concerts, and other events attended by large groups.


The devices ensure stable connectivity of critical infrastructure which is used by emergency services and the army.

Emitel’s offer

DAS antenna installations

Thanks to DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) solutions, we provide a high-quality signal of the mobile operators’ networks in places where coverage of the operators’ networks is unavailable.



Mobile network coverage and capacity are related to terrain, building construction or increased network load in a given area. Unfavourable conditions in these aspects result in poor wireless connectivity, interruptions in its occurrence, poor quality of telephone calls or even a complete inability to use data transmission.



DAS antenna systems improve the radio coverage of mobile networks and ensure proper network performance in a small space with high traffic. These installations promote security and enable uninterrupted communication with emergency services. They also provide network access in emergencies.


Extended radio signal coverage

The Distributed Antenna Network (DAS) sends and receives mobile communications signals, providing users with high-quality voice and high-speed data connections in areas where such services would not be available for the reasons mentioned earlier.

Emitel’s offer

We have extensive experience in constructing DAS systems. We offer comprehensive services in this area – specialised measurements, installation design, construction of the solution and its maintenance. Since we cooperate on an ongoing basis with all mobile operators, we make the completed installation available for sharing among operators so that the solution works regardless of the network used by the users.


DAS (Distributed Antenna System)

The DAS is powered by an outside telecom signal (e.g., coming from a base transceiver station). It distributes the received signal over a designated area (e.g., inside a building).

There are three main types of the DAS:

  • active,
  • passive,
  • hybrid.

Signal gain

GSM/LTE cellular signal boosters. We install GSM/LTW mobile signal boosters to improve the coverage of mobile networks inside buildings.



Problems with mobile network coverage inside buildings can arise because of the insulating materials used in the construction of the building, unfavourable terrain in the area, or the great distance of the site in question from the nearest mobile station.



Cellular signal boosters mediate the signal transmission between the mobile operators’ base station and a specific building, emitting an amplified signal inside the building.


The strong signal inside the facilities

Cellular signal boosters are active radio devices designed to provide high-quality cellular coverage to users within a building.

Emitel’s offer

We offer comprehensive services to improve mobile coverage; we supply and build the passive installation, and subsequently, based on agreements with the mobile operator, we connect the repeater. Having implemented the solution, we take care of its maintenance.


GSM/LTE signal boosters

The source of the amplified signal is a donor antenna, which, after being placed on a rooftop, receives radio signal from the nearest base transceiver station.

That signal is amplified within the device, and then distributed using one or more antennas into rooms, where the GSM/LTE signal is unavailable.

Using telecom signal amplifiers is only permitted for telecommunication companies that were granted nationally recognised, exclusive licences of frequencies used for the provision of services with the mediation of base transceiver stations.

Usually, such entities are telecom providers or businesses – like Emitel – authorised by the provider to use and install an amplifier.

The self-installation and unauthorised use of telecom signal amplifiers (so called repeaters) is illegal in Poland and is subject to criminal liability.

Internet and leased lines

We provide fast and stable internet connections for individual customers, companies and public institutions.



A high-quality Internet connection is essential for private users, companies and institutions, whose functioning would be impossible without Internet access.



Via our nationwide network, which consists of cable and radio links, we provide customers with fast and stable Internet in large cities and areas where access to cable infrastructure is limited.


Highest quality connections

Emitel internet connection is characterised by high accessibility parameters and they can be realised in accordance with specific demands of the client, like, for example, the choice of network bandwidth.

Emitel’s offer

For many years, we have been building an infrastructure that enables us to provide customers with fast and stable internet connections with high availability. Our solutions are frequently the only chance for users to access the Internet.


Internet and leased lines

We offer two variants of the data transmission service. They are channels terminated at a Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet interface, in accordance with the IEEE 802.3 standard, as well as leased lines.

Our services are also realised based on wireless technology, based on radio lines working on licensed frequency bands.

Critical communication system

We build signal retransmission systems for uniformed services and other public institutions. We have the infrastructure, the security systems and the relevant safety certificates to ensure the continuity of radio communications for our customers in everyday work and emergencies.



Rescue teams need reliable communication that supports the provision of help to victims of accidents or other incidents. The success of rescue operations depends on the quality of communications between emergency services.



Retransmission systems provide coverage of a designated area with a signal that our customers can use in their daily work.


Effective connectivity during rescue operations

Radio signal retransmission systems are constructed to suit the operational needs of emergency services such as the fire brigade or the Volunteer Mountain Rescue Service (GOPR).

Emitel’s offer

We build dedicated and fully secure signal retransmission systems to maintain radio communications for day-to-day tasks and emergency operations.


Retransmission systems

Signal retransmission systems are teletechnical infrastructure designed and built to ensure continuous radio communication in VHF bands used by emergency services.

The retransmission system consists of internal and external antennas, coaxial cables and leaky feeders, as well as active devices.

The system is connected to primary and backup power supplies, and is activated automatically or manually and locally or remotely.

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