Emitel was distinguished in a report for numerous good business practices concerning areas such as labour law, environment, organisational governance and human rights. The “Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices” report was prepared and released for the 17th time.

The authors of the Report drew attention to many aspects, including the Code of Ethics in force at Emitel, which regulates general business practices, serving as the foundation of the company’s business activities and operations. The aim of implementing the Code was to promote fair, equitable and ethical conduct, promoting transparency in reports and documents prepared for investors in a comprehensive manner, compliance with applicable laws, as well as relevant rules and regulations, prompt reporting of violations and responsibility for upholding the Code.

The authors of the report also noted the anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination policies promoting appropriate standards of behaviour concerning these areas, along with equipping the company’s offices with easily accessible defibrillators and blood-pressure monitors, a pilot audiobook access programme, which is also available to employee families, as well as a voluntary investment insurance for employees, with company contributions.

“The fact that we are featured in the Report indicates that we are building the strength of Emitel on the foundation of best practices and market trends, and that we serve as a benchmark and a role model to other organisations on the Polish market,” said Anna Goleniowska, HR Office Director at Emitel S.A.

This year’s edition of the report showcases more than 1,500 examples of good practices in 229 Polish companies, This is a new record — exceeding the previous year’s result by 30%.