Emitel became the vice-leader of the industry “Telecommunications, technology, media and entertainment in the XVII edition of the Responsible Companies Ranking 2023”. In the general classification, the company was ranked 12th. The results of this year’s Ranking of Responsible Companies and Positive Impact Startups were announced during the gala, which took place on June 22 at the headquarters of the Kozminski Academy. The event was organized by the Kozminski Business Hub, operating within the Kozminski Academy.

The basis for compiling the Ranking of Responsible Companies is a survey, which companies fill in according to the principles of due diligence and professional ethics. The ranking is accompanied by industry summaries, performance analyzes, expert comments, methodological descriptions, CSR-related articles, case studies, including information on companies that are top ranked or otherwise stand out for their business responsibility achievements.

– Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of the Emitel strategy. For years, we have focused on responsible management and delivery of our services with positive environmental and social impact. Appreciation of our activities in the field of ESG in the Ranking of Responsible Companies is a reason for pride and motivation for further action for all employees of Emitel – said Andrzej J. Kozłowski, President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A.

This year the survey level was again very high and the questions were more demanding than in last year’s edition of the Responsible Companies Ranking. The survey contained 60 questions this year, including 10 on specific quantitative indicators. However, it is worth adding that although the questions set the bar even higher than a year ago, very many companies operating in Poland managed to score more than half of the points, and it was possible to reach the top ten only when more than 75% of the possible points were collected.– the organizers of the XVII Report of Responsible Companies summarized the publication.

The Responsible Companies Ranking, published for the first time in 2007, is the only ranking of the largest companies in Poland, assessed for the quality of responsible management in accordance with the ESG guidelines. The Responsible Business Forum is the ROF 2023 Partner, and Deloitte is the substantive partner responsible for reviewing the answers.

The list was prepared by: Prof. Bolesław Rok from the Center for Research of Entrepreneurship and Positive Influence of Kozminski Academy and Jarosław Horodecki, editor and publisher.

In total, over 250 of the largest companies operating on the Polish market have already participated in the Ranking of Responsible Companies. The ranking enables comparisons of results in different areas of management between companies, and is a valuable instrument to help organize and develop the strategy of corporate responsibility.

The Ranking of Responsible Companies was accompanied – as in previous years – by the “Positive Impact Startups” project, which identified 25 socially innovative startups working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.