For the 12th time, the “Polityka” weekly, Deloitte consulting company, and the Responsible Business Forum have singled out the Polish leaders of sustainable development and ESG as part of the compilation of the POLITYKA CSR Leaves – one of the oldest such initiatives on the market. For the second year in a row, the organizers awarded Emitel with Silver CSR Leaf, appreciating the company’s activities in the areas of sustainable development, environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance. The company was also among the leaders awarded for good practices – the company’s Smart City projects won recognition.

– The issue of sustainability is important to us. The main objectives of our activities in the areas of environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance are defined in our ESG Strategy for 2021-2025. Key priorities include looking after the landscape, biodiversity, and habitat conservation, improving energy efficiency, minimizing environmental impacts, sustainable waste management, and human relations. The Silver CSR Leaf of POLITYKA awarded to Emitel for the second year in a row is the best proof that our sustainability activities are recognized and positively evaluated by experts – said Andrzej J. Kozłowski, President of the Management Board, Emitel S.A.

The Silver CSR Leaves of POLITYKA have been awarded to companies that in their day-to-day activities declare to take into account most key sustainable development solutions, implement the highest quality solutions and disclose information related to their ESG activities. The evaluations in the competition were awarded based on an analysis based on a survey completed by the companies, prepared according to the guidelines of the ISO 26000 standard on the basic principles of social responsibility and concerning the European Sustainability Reporting Standards and the latest trends of ESG. The Golden CSR Leaf POLITYKA has been awarded to 23 companies, Silver CSR Leaf to 35 and White CSR Leaf to 46 companies. The Green CSR Leaf has been awarded to 19 companies for which reducing negative impacts on the climate, preventing climate change, and adapting to these conditions are key elements of strategic activities in business and relations with stakeholders.

CSR Leaves of POLITYKA are also accompanied by a review of initiatives supporting the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. This year, as in previous years, companies have been asked to share good practices on Goal 12 on responsible consumption and production and Goal 13 on environmental and climate protection. Among the recognized good practices are also Emitel’s Smart City projects, which help local governments and city companies to create modern cities that are not only friendly to residents, but also environmentally friendly. In the Smart City area, Emitel provides customers with comprehensive solutions based on LoRaWAN technology, which provides long-range, low-power wireless communication. The company has already implemented advanced solutions in several cities, including Wrocław and Piaseczno.