Emitel received a certificate from the Newsweek editorial office in the category of Changing the world for the better for the remote water meter reading system developed for the Wroclaw waterworks. This is a new B2B, i.e. business to business editorial distinction category. It is intended for companies that, whilst not always providing services to individual customers, impact the quality of their lives. 

The network built by Emitel will cover the whole city, and special devices will be installed on water meters to enable wireless communication. Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company will receive water consumption data without sending employees to the field and engaging customers. Thanks to this project, it will be possible to manage water flow efficiently, which is extremely important and translates into real savings.

This is one of Poland’s most extensive municipal Internet of Things (IoT) projects, which will eventually include up to over 70,000 meters. The solutions provided will also ensure extended connectivity to devices located in hard-to-reach locations, such as deep wells or basements. To implement the network project, Emitel uses LoRaWAN technology, which the company has successfully operated in IoT implementations in other cities.

– The solution that Emitel is implementing in Wroclaw was tailor-made for our client because this is how we approach Internet of Things projects. Based on our know-how and extensive experience in building smart cities solutions, we can quickly prepare an optimal solution – said Maciej Staszak – Vice-President of the Management Board – Sales Director at Emitel.

In the justification for granting the 2021 Newsweek’s Conscious Choice certificate, the Chapter pointed out that Emitel received the award for the remote water meter reading system created for the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company in Wroclaw. In the editorial team’s opinion, this project is future technology in practice. Other award winners in the Changing the World for the Better category are Stena Recycling for the Stena Circular Economy Award and Zadbano for its most popular Home Delivery service.

The Chapter included the following

Dariusz Ćwiklak, deputy editor-in-chief and head of “Newsweek’s” business section

Renata Kim, Head of Newsweek’s society section

Anna Dygasiewicz-Piwko, “Newsweek Living” Project Director

Maciej Gajek, Newsweek journalist, the content supervisor of the Conscious Choice campaign