Under the signed agreement, Emitel together with the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) will carry out a pilot implementation of the system of advertising spot broadcasting in the DAI model. The project will test the functionality and efficiency of the system. The scope of the tests will cover chosen types of digital TV platforms in Poland. Implementation will begin in the second half of March.

For many years, Emitel has been developing products of so-called hybrid TV, including Addressable TV solutions. One such solution is the DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion) platform, which allows, among others, the placement of specific spots in advertising blocks based on predefined criteria. In practice, this means that viewers will see different advertising spots when they watch a TV channel during the broadcast of an advertising block. This solution allows the TV screens to show at the same time various content adapted to the viewer (the condition is to connect the TV set to the Internet).

– The WSE aims to build a comprehensive technology platform that will enable the implementation of the service of dynamic insertion of television advertising, i.e. DAI. The system is to function in digital terrestrial television, cable networks, satellite networks, and streaming platforms. It will allow broadcasters to convert their TV advertising spots into tailored ones. Together with Emitel, we are launching the implementation and testing of the system’s functionality. Advertising will be carried out on decoders to eventually build a nationwide reach and allow advertisers to design campaigns and match content through our system, using devices that are located in households. This is the basic distinguishing feature of our project. By testing different technologies, we want to make sure that we can build the widest possible range of devices in different operators across the country – emphasized Maciej Stanecki, Vice-President of the Management Board of GPW DAI S.A.

With the system, advertising campaigns will reach specific audiences that meet specific segmentation criteria. The use of this technology for advertising may in the future provide an attractive added value for advertisers, who will be able to run advertising campaigns more effectively, along the lines of what is already available on the Internet.

First of all, there will be a pilot implementation of the system of advertising spot broadcasting in the DAI model – Emitel has just signed a contract with the Warsaw Stock Exchange for its implementation. The pilot will aim to test the functionality and effectiveness of DAI in all types of digital TV platforms in Poland. As part of the project, Emitel is responsible for the installation and configuration of the system, which will be connected to the infrastructure provided by the WSE. Implementation of the solution and tests will begin in the second half of March and will include terrestrial, cable, satellite television, and IPTV. If the tests are successful, WSE intends to launch a commercial DAI platform in Poland next year.

– Emitel has been working on the implementation of DAI technology for several years. Working with TV broadcasters, we understand how this solution can be a breakthrough for our partners. In a tough advertising market, DAI opens up new opportunities for much more efficient use of advertising time, which should translate into better financial results for broadcasters, while allowing viewers to avoid seeing ads they are not interested in. We are all the more pleased that such a serious player as the Warsaw Stock Exchange is trying to build this solution on the market in Poland and that we can be part of this undertaking and create such modern solutions in our country. It is also worth emphasizing that the platform we will be implementing covers all digital ways of distributing television channels, not just digital terrestrial television – emphasized Maciej Staszak, Vice-President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A.