Awards and Distinctions Emitel awarded by Gazeta Bankowa for Smart City project in Piaseczno

Emitel was awarded in Industry 4.0 category for the Smart City project implemented in Piaseczno. The company, in cooperation with Piaseczno City and Commune Office, designed and built the network and provided the sensors for the needs of smart city solutions.

The awards were granted in two competitions: “2021 Hit” and “2020 Leader”. The first group was meant to award the best solutions which already are or will be available in 2021, whereas the second one covered institutions and businesses which implemented a spectacular project in the field of modern technologies in 2020. In the first competition, emphasis is put on future, trends and opportunities, while the second is dominated by the present, i.e. current technology at its best. Leaders were selected in three categories: Banking, Insurance and Other Financial Institutions and Industry 4.0, while Hits were chosen in two categories – Banking and Insurance and Other Financial Institutions.

The category of Industry 4.0, in which Emitel was awarded, includes entities from the industrial sector involved in production or distribution (especially from the chemical, mechanical, automotive, electronic, petroleum, metallurgic and electric engineering trades), which, in 2020, introduced IT solutions and products based on innovations. Similarly to the aforementioned categories, their aim should be more efficient customer service, improvement in the activity of the company reporting the project, launching new products or expanding the offer.

“Implementation of the Smart City concept may be a powerful driving force for the Polish economy, yielding measurable benefits for residents, public administration units and businesses,” said Maciej Staszak, Vice President of the Board of Emitel S.A. –“I am really happy that Emitel is in possession of solutions which significantly contribute to the development of cities in Poland, through the application of state-of-the-art technologies and a growing trust towards the Internet of things,” added Maciej Staszak.

Awards in both competitions are presented by the Jury who assess the solutions reported by companies and institutions in terms of their innovativeness and utilization of modern IT concepts and products in many domains of economy, from the sphere of services and customer assistance to production activity. The awarded companies included the Warsaw Chopin Airport and the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency.

Technological competitions of Gazeta Bankowa are among the polls with the longest tradition on the Polish digital market. This year, the “Leader” competition was organized for the 19th time, and the “Hit” competition for the 14th time. The aim of TechnoBiznes is to present an important role of technology in the functioning of businesses, its significance in gaining business benefits and competitive advantage, as well as its increasing share in the development of both the national economy and the high-tech market.