Emitel and CDA S.A have concluded an agreement to extend the additional services provided by the operator to date in the eighth multiplex. As a result, the HbbTV CDA offering on MUX-8 has been expanded to include ‘’ store – the first service of its kind on a Digital Terrestrial Television platform.   

The cooperation between Emitel and CDA has been going on since March 2023 – that’s when the HbbTV portal with the CDA VoD library was launched on NTC channel 86. Now the offer for viewers has been expanded to include a store with clothes and accessories referring to the universe of adult cartoons “Egzorcysta” and “Kapitan Bomba”, built using HbbTV technology. The online version of the store turned out to be a shopping phenomenon. Now “” will gain an additional platform and a new field of exploitation via NTC.


– Terrestrial television is very popular in Poland. The linear channels are enriched by a hybrid TV offer developed on the basis of HbbTV technology. CDA S.A. recognised this potential last year and decided to launch its service to terrestrial TV viewers, and extending this cooperation just over a year after its inauguration proves that being on MUX-8 brings tangible business benefits to our partners. The launch of the first shop in the NTC operating in the e-commerce business model shows that linear television, together with additional services, has great potential, and that its attractiveness for both customers and viewers is still very high, says Maciej Staszak, Vice President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A. store inaugurated on 14 May and is available on digital terrestrial television channel 87. The eighth multiplex operated by Emitel today has a technical coverage of approximately 95% of Poland.

Digital terrestrial television offers a wide selection of channels completely free of charge. You can watch educational, entertainment and news programmes, so there is something for everyone. The offer of terrestrial television channels is very rich, and it is expected to expand even further after the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) resolves the competition for two slots on the eighth multiplex. Additionally, to enhance the reception of television programs on MUX-8, Emitel has submitted an application to the President of the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) to change the broadcasting standard. As a result, all channels will be able to be broadcast in HD standard – the application is currently awaiting consideration.