Emitel S.A is launching the next phase of its cooperation with the Municipal Water and Sewage Company in Wrocław (MPWiK). As part of the new contract, Emitel will expand the remote stationary meter reading system with IoT radio modules to include a further 25,000 water meters.

The cooperation between Emitel and MPWiK began in 2021 and its aim was to build Poland’s first remote water meter reading system using the LoRaWAN® network. Emitel designed and built an innovative system and network that covers the whole of Wrocław, providing wireless communication for remote reading of data from water meters. The implementation of the system has improved the efficiency of water supply infrastructure management in Wrocław.

“We are extremely proud to continue our cooperation with MPWiK Wrocław. Our 2021 joint project, which covered more than 70,000 water meters, is proof of how modern IoT technologies can transform urban infrastructure to improve efficiency and quality of life for residents,” – said Maciej Staszak, Vice President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A.

This is the first such large-scale smart city project in Poland to make use of the advanced LoRaWAN® network. Thanks to the carefully planned and built network that spans the entire city, Wrocław has joined the ranks of pioneers in the use of IoT (Internet of Things) technology in urban infrastructure management. Special attachments installed by Emitel specialists on the water meters enable wireless communication and remote data reading. One of the key challenges in implementing the project was to overcome the obstacles associated with the characteristic urban development of Wrocław, i.e. thick walls, deep manholes and difficult access to some places, making it difficult to build a system based on wireless communication. Thanks to the Emitel solution, water consumption monitoring has now become extremely convenient and efficient. The network designed by Emitel specialists enables stable and reliable data transmission even from the most inaccessible areas, guaranteeing high availability of the readouts required by the customer.

The new contract covers the supply and installation of additional 25,000 water meters with IoT radio modules within the existing network, as well as their integration into the reading system.