News New possibilities opened by the overhauled Emitel Network Management Centre

Emitel has opened its modernised and overhauled Network Management Centre in Krakow, equipped with a state-of-the-art display wall, as well as advanced diagnostic and dispatching tools, which support our experts and enable better control of the supervised systems, as well as better management of alerts. The broadcasting station located at the facility, broadcasting TV and radio signals for the residents of Krakow, has also been renovated and modernised. The broadcasting tower standing at more than 60 metres tall was equipped with LED lighting, enabling multi-colour illuminations.

The Krakow centre is the heart of the supervision over Emitel’s infrastructure installed throughout the country, monitoring the continuity and reliability of television and radio broadcasting systems, as well as the operation of communication systems used for the purposes of national security and broadcasting to more than four hundred Emitel at eight facilities located throughout Poland. The work of dispatching services is supported by state-of-the-art IT tools, thanks to which dispatchers can check the working conditions of all elements of the Emitel network at any time.

“Thanks to Emitel’s infrastructure, TV and radio broadcasters can reach audiences and listeners with their auditions and broadcasts in every corner of Poland. The reliability of services and continuity of terrestrial digital terrestrial television and radio broadcasting is ensured by the experts working at the Network Management Centre, who need modern monitoring tools to do their job. Emitel’s staff also oversee wireless communication, a crucial element of our everyday life, used to ensure safety of our citizens,” said Andrzej Kozłowski, President of the Management Board of Emitel, during the official opening of the centre.

The Emitel Network Management Centre works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is staffed with experts who react to any alerts about irregularities and potential failures in the network. The centre also dispatches maintenance workers located throughout Poland. Immediately after receiving the dispatch, Emitel’s experts carry out the required field work, regardless of weather conditions and time of day. Krakow’s Network Management Centre is also responsible for running analyses to eliminate repeated failures or reduce them to a minimum in future. For some time now, the company has been using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms for this purpose.

Emitel’s Krakow facility broadcast TVP1 and TVP2, as well as a number of radio stations for the residents of Krakow. During the overhaul, the broadcasting tower, which is well-visible from many tourist spots and destinations in Krakow, was equipped with a modern LED lighting. The multi-colour illumination will be turned on after dark and will become an attractive light point on the tourist map of Krakow. Emitel will also use the facility in Krakow to further develop Smart Cities services and Internet of Things solutions.

“High quality and reliability of our services are our top priorities. This is why, aside from the development investments carried out throughout Poland, we do not neglect upgrading and overhauling existing infrastructure, including key facilities – such as our monitoring centre. In our activities, we focus particularly on sustainable development and we make every effort to create added value for the environment. After the upgrade and overhaul, the illuminated tower at Krzemionki will make the landscape of Krakow even more attractive than before,” said Andrzej Kozłowski, President of the Management Board of Emitel.

Emitel, a subsidiary of Alinda Capital Partners, is the largest operator of terrestrial radio and television infrastructure in Poland. For more than 50 years, Emitel has been making sure that television and radio signals can be received in all Polish homes. Apart from services for television and radio broadcasters, Emitel offers at height infrastructure for mobile operators, designs and installs modern wireless communication systems, participates in the development of smart cities and gets involved in the preparation for the construction of 5G network in Poland.