News Polish Radio and Emitel sign a 4-year contract for signal broadcast

Polskie Radio S.A. and Emitel S.A. have entered into a 4-year contract for Polish Radio broadcast service. The signal will be broadcast in the UKF-FM range, using 139 broadcasting facilities belonging to Emitel.

Emitel S.A. and Polskie Radio S.A. signed another contract for provision of Polish Radio broadcast services in the UKF-FM range. The new contract will be in force from July 1st, 2021 to May 28th, 2025, and will apply to 139 broadcasting facilities of Emitel. Under the new contract, Emitel will handle 61 out of 83 broadcasts envisaged in the public procurement, conducted in the mode of unlimited tender procedure for Polskie Radio S.A. broadcast services in the UKF-FM range.

“We are truly proud that Polish Radio decided to trust us again and that, for the following four years, we will be broadcasting the signal for the public broadcaster. Our relations with Polskie Radio S.A. are based on trust built for decades. In our opinion, what distinguishes Emitel, is high quality and availability of services, reflected in the satisfaction of listeners, who can enjoy reception of Polish Radio stations signal all over Poland,” said Maciej Staszak, Vice President of the board of Emitel S.A.

Liaison with Polish Radio has always been of special importance for Emitel and was not limited to analogue broadcasts. On October 1st, 2013, Polish Radio, in cooperation with Emitel, launched first digital radio broadcasts in DAB+ in Warsaw and Katowice. Last year, Emitel activated new transmitters for Polish Radio, broadening DAB+ range. Therefore, Polish Radio in the digital version is currently available for approx. 30 million listeners. DAB+ radio receiver is necessary to listen to digital Polish Radio broadcasts.

According to the data published by [1], in 2020, the radio maintained stable, high ratings, reaching 90% of weekly coverage. Poles listen to the radio on a daily basis – in the commercial group, i.e. among people aged 16 to 49, the radio coverage reaches 70%, which means that this medium is more popular than television. Daily average listening time remains on a very high level (nearly 4.5 h). Nearly every third listener spends 6 hours a day or more listening to the radio. Poles most often listen to the radio in their cars, and an FM/UKF antenna is still the most popular means of signal reception.

[1] Report on radio ratings in 2020: