Telewizja Polska and Emitel have signed a contract. Starting December 22nd, TVP channels will be present on MUX-8.

Following a few months of negotiations, the CEO of Polish Television Jacek Kurski and the CEO of Emitel Andrzej Kozłowski signed a cooperation agreement at the TVP headquarter.

“This is a very important day for Telewizja Polska. By concluding this contract, we are increasing our development and technological capabilities. We reach more Poles, which facilitates the realization of the mission, which is the main task facing the public broadcaster. The availability of the Polish Television offer has a huge impact on increasing TVP’s strength and prestige. I see a unique opportunity in the development of digital terrestrial television in connection with access to the Internet. “- said Jacek Kurski, President of the Management Board of TVP S.A.

Digital terrestrial television is the most important platform for the common distribution of public broadcaster programs in Poland. Telewizja Polska broadcasts eight channels on multiplexes. On December 22nd, TVP has added another two to its terrestrial portfolio: TVP SPORT HD and TVP Rozrywka.

“The presence of Polish Television on multiplex 8 strengthens both the position of the TVP itself, as the largest terrestrial broadcaster, but also the terrestrial television platform itself. The launch of new programs is, of course, very good news for millions of viewers in Poland who will gain more interesting programs on their TVs. I am glad that Emitel can support public television in the realization of the mission, as well as further development. “- said Andrzej Kozłowski, President Emitel S.A.

Emitel also made a commitment to undertake, in cooperation with TVP, promotional activities aimed at explaining to the audience how to receive channels available on MUX-8, particularly encouraging the modernization of the antenna installation and tuning of TVs and set-top boxes to receive all channels from terrestrial multiplexes.

MUX-8 is a very modern solution. Soon, in addition to the traditional line channels, after connecting the TV to the Internet, it will be possible to watch in the so-called virtual channels additional content related to, for example, current sports events. As part of such thematic channels, TVP will publish various content extending the offer of the main television antennas.

Currently, there are 4 nationwide multiplexes in Poland, thanks to which viewers can choose the best offer among 29 channels. Over 1/3 of all households in Poland use only the DTT offer. Nearly 6 million households have digital terrestrial television in their homes, and for over 4.5 million of them DTT is the only source. Multiplex 8 was launched by Emitel in 2016.

TVP Kultura, TVP Historia, TVP Sport, TVP Series, TVP Entertainment, TVP ABC, TVP HD and TVP Parlament and TVP3. Viewers have access to the largest digital library through the TVP VOD platform – one of the most popular online services on demand in Poland. TVP is the largest broadcaster, producer and distributor of television content in Central and Eastern Europe.

Emitel, owned by the American investment fund, The Alinda Capital Partners, is the most important operator of terrestrial radio and television infrastructure in Poland. Thanks to Emitel, for over 50 years TV signals can be received in all Polish homes. Analogue till 2013 and digital from then on. Emitel is working on the digitization of radio, designs and offers modern wireless communication systems, participates in the creation of smart cities technologies and offerings and joins the work on the 5G network.

Information on how to receive programs broadcast on Multiplex 8 can be found at