SLR Myślibórz will be used by the Forest Inspectorate to install antennas used to transmit camera feed from fire lookout towers run by the State Forests. Once again, Emitel is involved in the fight against forest fires.

Earlier, Emitel established cooperation with the Zwierzyniec and Kalisz Forest Inspectorates, among others. There are 646 fire lookout towers in Poland, 230 of which are equipped with CCTV equipment. Such towers are responsible for detecting half of the fires in Polish forests.

“Emitel’s infrastructure will indirectly help us in detecting fires at an early stage, which will enable us to react quickly, thus effectively limiting the spread of fire and the resulting natural and material losses”, said Ewelina Rybarska, Forest Inspector in the Myślibórz Forest Inspectorate.

Fires are the biggest problem of forestry in Poland. In only one day, the 23rd of April 2019, there were more than 360 fires in the Polish forests.

“We are glad that once again the State Forests decided to work hand in hand with Emitel. One of the foundations of our company’s activity is taking care of the natural environment. Emitel is the largest independent operator of at height infrastructure in Poland, with more than 400 facilities, many of which we offer to our customers for the purpose of video surveillance. We are constantly expanding our facilities, which is why I am certain that we will be carrying out further projects of this kind in future,” said Maciej Staszak, Vice-President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A.

Every year, an average of ten thousand forest fires occur in Poland every year, which gives Poland the third place in Europe in this respect. The worst situation is in Spain and Portugal, where forest fires occur frequently and often cover large areas.