The first edition of Fair to Women, promoting the idea of equal treatment and opportunities for women on the Polish labour market, has been concluded.

The jury awarded 5 companies providing best working conditions for women and involved in initiatives for women. The winners are: Capgemini Polska, Credit Suisse Poland, Flextronics International Poland, NatWest Poland and Orange Polska.

The competition was conducted in an open mode. Companies which entered stage II underwent in-depth interviews devoted to issues such as: policy of equal pay for women and men, support for people returning to work from maternity and parental leaves, actions to provide equal development opportunities or affiliation with organizations supporting women on the labour market.

“Every year, PwC analyses the situation of women on labour markets in OECD countries, in a report entitled: Women in Work Index. In terms of many indices, such as number of women on full-time positions or gender pay gap, in comparison to other countries, Poland looks quite good. Nevertheless, we still need initiatives to support women in their careers, fostering their professional activities and the number of women on managerial positions. Employers have a major role to play here, as evidenced by this year’s Fair to Women competition winners. Congratulations to all of them,” says Katarzyna Komorowska, Partner in PwC, People & Organization Team Leader.

The jury presented the following companies with 5 equivalent awards:

● Capgemini Polska – for building appropriate career paths and supporting development of women
● Credit Suisse Poland – for development and effective implementation of diversity strategy, distinguished by maturity on the market
● Flextronics International Poland – for providing equal professional opportunities for women in production industry
● NatWest Poland – for activities including women in work in the IT sector
● Orange Polska – for supporting women in reconciling professional and family roles

Based on the analysis of questionnaires of companies active in Poland and the interviews conducted, we see an authentic willingness to engage in initiatives to provide equal opportunities for women on the labour market and to create conditions enabling reconciliation of career and family life, with no prejudice to any of these aspects. I believe that in the following editions, the group of Fair to Women competition winners will only become broader,” says Monika Fill, President of Vox Feminae Foundation.

“I would like to congratulate the winners. Professional aspirations of women are constantly growing. I notice it in the company I represent, but also on the market and in business, which is more and more open to ladies active in many fields. I am also glad that employers are increasingly eager to engage in initiatives dedicated to women and support them in development and self-fulfilment, which I fully approve”, says Andrzej Kozłowski, President of the Board of Emitel S.A.

Fair to Women competition is organized by Vox Feminae Foundation. PwC Polska is the Substantive Partner, Emitel SA is the Main Partner, and ABSL is the Partner. The jury examining the applications and awarding this year’s winners included:

● Katarzyna Komorowska, Partner in PwC, People & Organization Team Leader
● Magdalena Butrymowicz, PhD, Lawyer, Legal Counsel, Assistant Professor at the Family Law Department of John Paul II University in Krakow
● Andrzej Kozłowski, President of the Board of Emitel SA
● Iwona Słończewska-Knap, Managing Director of ABSL
● Monika Fill, President of the Board of Vox Feminae Foundation