The campaign starts on 19 March. It is intended to encourage viewers to modernise their antenna installations, retune their TV sets to receive the MUX-8 signal, as well as take advantage of the wide programming offer of all terrestrial television multiplexes. As part of the campaign activities, advertising spots and materials will be broadcast, providing information on receiving free signals by terrestrial means.

Multiplex 8 currently broadcasts six channels. In addition to the stations of the private broadcasters – Metro, Nowa TV, WP TV, Zoom TV – TVP Rozrywka and TVP Sport HD are also available. Telewizja Polska began broadcasting the latter at the end of December last year. The coverage of the multiplex encompasses almost 98% of the Polish population; however, not all viewers have decided to adjust the antenna or retune their TV sets to receive channels broadcast on a different band than the other multiplexes.

Emitel and TVP count on the interest of sports fans, so the campaign will be based, among other things, on the popularity of the TVP Sport channel, which in Multiplex 8 gives viewers the opportunity to follow the most important sporting events in HD quality. In the coming months, the station will broadcast, among other things, Champions League matches, the Polish national team’s appearances in the qualifying round of the European Football Championship, matches of the women’s and men’s FIVB Volleyball Nations League, and starting next season, matches of the Ekstraklasa football league. Dariusz Szpakowski, a well-known Polish sports journalist and commentator, will appear in TV spots advertising MUX-8.

The advertising campaign will be accompanied by information activities prepared by Emitel’s specialists in cooperation with the broadcaster and experts, who will explain how to modernise the home antenna system or retune the receiver to gain access to channels of the eighth multiplex. The campaigns will be supported by the MUX8.TV website, where you will find simple instructions and all the information you need for reception.

The first campaign promoting MUX-8 was conducted by Emitel together with the broadcasters of Metro, WP and Zoom TV channels in May last year, even before the Polish Television programmes appeared on the multiplex. This time, the operator will work with TVP, which is the broadcaster of the largest number of channels distributed by terrestrial means, and thus reaches a large number of households using this form of TV reception. The use of TVP antenna time will guarantee high effectiveness of the MUX-8 promotional message. According to Nielsen, the share of the eight public television channels among viewers using only terrestrial television amounts to as much as 40%.

Currently there are 4 nationwide multiplexes in Poland, thanks to which viewers can choose the best offer of 29 free TV channels for themselves. Terrestrial TV is one of the most popular platforms of signal reception in Poland. Currently, more than 1/3 of all households use only this method of channel reception. Digital terrestrial television is a modern and popular worldwide platform for broadcasting TV signals. Apart from traditional channels, viewers in Poland, after connecting the TV to the Internet, can watch so-called virtual channels and take advantage of additional content, such as news and an electronic TV guide (the so-called HbbTV). Among others, since December 2018, the hybrid platform of the Legia Warszawa football club has been available on MUX-8. In this way, fans can view live broadcasts and “on-demand” match recordings, behind-the-scenes conversations and interviews with players on their TV screens.

National terrestrial television multiplexes:


Stopklatka – film station
ESKA TV – music station mainly featuring dance, pop, hip-hop music
TTV – socio-interventional station
Polo TV – music station, mainly featuring disco polo music
ATM Rozrywka – entertainment station mainly featuring Polish series
TV Trwam – religious station
TVP ABC – station for children and teenagers
Fokus TV – an educational channel


Polsat – commercial station
TVN – commercial station
TV 4 – commercial station from the Polsat group
TV 6 – commercial station from the Polsat group
TV Puls – commercial station
TV Puls 2 – commercial station
TVN 7 – commercial station from the TVN group
Super Polsat – station from the Polsat group


TVP1 HD – the first Polish Television programme in high definition
TVP2 HD – the second programme of the Polish Television in high definition
TVP Info – information station of the Polish Television
TVP3 – regional programme of 16 centres of Polish Television
TVP Kultura – Polish Television station devoted to cultural subjects
TVP Sport – Polish Television’s sport-themed station
TVP Historia – TVP station covering historical subjects


Nowa TV – universal station with film and entertainment profile
Metro – films, crime series and Discovery programmes
Zoom TV – documentaries, mysterious stories, films and series and the best Polish cabarets
WP TV – lifestyle, technology, documentaries and entertainment programmes
TVP Rozrywka – TVP entertainment station
TVP Sport HD – TVP sports station