Starting on 23 October, all the fans of TVP Kultura will be able to enjoy a new quality. The popular channel operated by TVP S.A. will be available on the digital terrestrial television Multiplex 8 in high resolution, enabling the audiences to watch all broadcasts, cultural events, television theatre and opera in a much higher quality.

On the night of 22 October, TVP Kultura will be enabled on digital terrestrial television MUX8 and its broadcasting standard will be upgraded to High Definition (HD). Thanks to the higher broadcasting quality of TVP Kultura, the recipients of digital terrestrial television will enjoy a better and sharper picture quality. Thanks to the HD resolution, television theatre, operas, Chopin concerts and classic films will gain new quality and bring even more enjoyment to the audiences. The changes in the broadcasting of TVP Kultura channel will coincide with changes in the broadcasting of TVP Sport. The highly popular sports channel broadcast in High Definition will join the line-up of programmes broadcast by Telewizja Polska S.A. on the third digital terrestrial television multiplex.

The MUX8 launched by Emitel in 2016 is a state-of-the-art solution. Apart from traditional terrestrial channels, connecting the TV sets to the Internet enables the audiences to use hybrid television (HbbTV) features. MUX8 offers numerous channels, including LegiaTV, which features VoD content and broadcasts of sparring games of Legia Warszawa football club. In addition, HbbTV technology facilitates access to selected radio stations and other information, such as weather forecasts, latest news and TV timetables.

Currently, Emitel broadcasts the signal of four national DVB-T multiplexes, enabling the audiences to watch as many as 29 television channels free of charge. Nearly 6 million households in Poland receive digital terrestrial television signal, and more than 4.5 million households take advantage only of this form of television reception. The construction of the MUX8 network was completed on 30 June 2018 and was carried out in accordance with the terms of the frequency reservation competition announced by the Office for Electronic Communication in March 2015 and the issued reservation decision. The MUX8 covers 97.63% of all population. In order to receive the MUX8 signal, users need an antenna which can receive signals in the VHF band.

The list of channels on the national digital terrestrial television multiplexes, starting on 23 October:


  • TTV
  • Polo TV
  • Eska TV
  • ATM Rozrywka
  • TV Trwam
  • Fokus TV
  • Stopklatka TV
MUX 2: 

  • Polsat
  • Super Polsat
  • TVN
  • TVN7
  • TV Puls
  • TV Puls 2
  • TV4
  • TV6
MUX 3: 

  • TVP1 HD
  • TVP2 HD
  • TVP Info HD
  • TVP3 (Regionalna)
  • TVP Historia
  • TVP Sport HD
MUX 8: 

  • TVP Kultura HD
  • TVP Rozrywka
  • Metro
  • Zoom TV
  • Nowa TV
  • Telewizja WP