News Emitel becomes a patron of bees in a forest apiary in Iłża Forest

Emitel upholds the principles of responsibility towards the environment, its stakeholders and the business environment. Therefore, to celebrate the World Bee Day, the Company decided to join forces with Roi Się, which promotes and supports Polish apiaries, ensuring that its community can benefit from the gifts of nature. 

As part of this collaboration, Emitel will be the patron of its own beehive, inhabited by 60,000 bees. Emitel’s employees will have the opportunity to visit their bees, as well as volunteer in this special place. The cooperation is aimed at strengthening the green attitudes, thus increasing engagement in growing the population of bees, which only live in a healthy environment. Emitel will also take advantage of natural products of the apiary to promote bee protection by sharing occasional gifts with Company stakeholders. 

World Bee Day, which is celebrated on 20 May, was established by the UN on the initiative of Slovenia, which wanted to highlight the importance of bees for food supply and also pointed out that the use of pesticides in agriculture kills these helpful insects. The available data show that there are nearly 470 bee species in Poland, the most famous of which is the honeybee; however, other plants are pollinated by various other insects. This means that in order to ensure the security of the food supply, we need to take care of the biodiversity of pollinating insects.

According to ecologists, the main threat to bees is the loss of habitats – their food and breeding base, resulting from changes in land use. The growing area of cities and cultivated areas, dense land development and frequent mowing of lawns and meadows are only some of the changes that make life harder for these animals. Agriculture intensification, excessive or incorrect use of plant protection products and fertilisers, pathogens, invasive species, environmental pollution and climate change also affect bee welfare. It is estimated that in Poland the work of bees is worth over 4 billion PLN annually, and if it weren’t for these insects, we would have to forget about numerous fruit and vegetables, and cope with much lower yields of other crops.