News More Digital Terrestrial Television transmitters for Łódzkie Province

Beginning on 23 May 2002, the MUX3 broadcasting network for the Łódzkie Province area consists of nine broadcasting facilities which provide DVB-T coverage to 94.96% of the local population and DVB-T2 coverage to 98.7% of the local population. There were six such facilities before the refarming process.

The switch-off of transmission from the Łódź “Komin EC-4” transmitter and change of the locations of the broadcasting facilities are in line with earlier plans. Broadcasting is now being carried out from 9 facilities, instead of 6 as previously.

The Łódź “Komin EC-4” transmitter station was a provisional solution that was to remain in service until a new facility is built, and has now been shut down. The Łódź/Dąbrowa facility is now the target broadcasting facility. Due to the switch-off of television transmitting from the Łódź “Komin EC-4” transmitter, some viewers may need to redirect their receiver antennas to either the Zygry (RTCN) or Łódź/Dąbrowa (SLR) broadcasting facilities, depending on their location.

Reception for the part of Łódzkie Province that used to receive signal from the Łódź “Komin EC-4” transmitter is now ensured by the Skierniewice/Bartniki and Kamieńsk (TSR) facilities. New equipment installed on the Zygry (RCTN) and Łódź/Dąbrowa (SLR) facilities provide 30% more power compared with the previous solution, making the change much more favourable for the viewers.

Information about changes relating to the refarming process and a possible need to adjust receiver antennas is published in the “Refarming” section on the Emitel website at See the map for details.

As part of our comprehensive information campaigns, we are also encouraging everybody to use the EmiMaps app, where every viewer can enter their location to easily find out about the location of the nearest transmitter station, as well as the direction and type of the receiver antenna. Emitel has also launched similar apps for Android and IOS.

Additionally, so as not to leave any doubts or questions of our viewers unanswered, we have opened a hotline (22 711-77-77) which provides information about the changes.