Emitel has successfully obtained a certificate confirming the compliance of its Environmental Management System with the PN-EN ISO14001:2015 international standard. The certification process was preceded by extensive efforts to implement the system, develop and gather the required documentation, as well as internal audits, which took several months. The final element of the process, the certification audits conducted by PCC-CERT, an independent certification body, confirmed that Emitel meets the environmental requirements outlined by the standard.

The ISO14001:2015 standard specifies standardised environmental management guidelines and policies, which can be implemented in any organisation, regardless of the sector and the area of its operation. The document is centred around the idea of sustainable development – it assumes conducting operations in a way that ensures a proper balance between social expectations, environmental protection and a business-oriented approach.

Emitel has been following these principles long before making the decision to implement the system, pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals and reporting on the achieved results in its ESG reports. The key environmental aspect, which follows from the company’s core business of providing terrestrial broadcasting infrastructure operator services and the resulting emissions of electromagnetic fields is monitored and controlled at each stage of project implementation. Emitel puts every effort to ensure that the company’s operations in this field have the least possible impact on the surrounding environment.

“Taking care of the environment is our top priority. In order to increase the effectiveness of our activities in this area, as well as to minimise our negative impact, we decided to implement a system based on an international environmental standard that enjoys worldwide recognition. The successful implementation of the environmental management system was made possible mainly thanks to the collaboration and commitment of employees, and I would like to thank every person involved in this process. The regular monitoring of the outcomes of our environmental activities, the implementation of the goals we set for ourselves, as well as compliance with the requirements of the standard, allows us to keep a close eye on the results and opens various avenues to improve them in the future,” said Andrzej J. Kozłowski – President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A.

The overarching goal of the environmental management system is safeguarding the environment by minimising the negative impact of the company’s processes and operations. Implementing the ISO 14001:2015 standard brings a number of environmental, organizational and economic benefits. Thanks to an efficient environmental management system, Emitel is able to further reduce emissions of harmful substances and waste production, while improving waste management processes and limiting the company’s water use and wastewater production.

The certificate obtained by Emitel is valid for 3 years. The ISO 14001 standard provides for continuous improvement in the effectiveness of an environmental management system implemented by the company. The structure of the standard and the resulting systemic approach results directly from the so-called PDCA cycle – a model for optimising and improving processes in an organization.